Hutchison’s ability to introduce world-
class business partners and customers.
“The client base is critical,” explains
Ms Chan.“Hutchison can open doors for
HHR through its global network of
business partners.”
This has proved particularly
important in Japan and the US, where
HHR is able to utilise Hutchison’s
established resources to build business in
key markets. The Hutchison Group
already has offices in these countries,
allowing HHR to establish an on-the-
ground presence relatively swiftly.
In addition, Hutchison’s financial
strength provides HHR with enhanced
flexibility. Together, Japan and the US
account for over 60% of HHR’s toy
sales, and the Technology Division
expects a similar spread for its customers and
business partners.
“We have strong relationships with
many brand names for both the Toy and
Technology Divisions,” explains Mr Lai.
“Before HWL’s acquisition, Harbour
Ring could approach these names as a
relative outsider, but now they work
with us very closely to see what we can
make for them. Our name and financial
resources can help HHR obtain the best
HHR’s improved global capabilities
would count for very little, of course,
were it not for its proven manufacturing
expertise. Accordingly, the company
owes much to a culture that values, above
all else, learning and advancement.
“We are committed to cont-
inuously improving ourselves by
learning the kind of new technologies
and systems that are applicable to
today’s competitive manufacturing
environment,” Mr Luk confirms. “In
order to work with companies such as
Motorola and NEC, we have to make use
of very advanced systems.”
The company deploys a variety of
world-class procedures to realise this
vision, and in the process has become one
of the leading manufacturing operators in
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