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About HWL
In the previous year, HWL garnered over 2,000 industry awards.

A S Watson launches its first-ever Global Smile Campaign across its 11,400-store network to provide service with a human touch in its businesses.Hutchison Whampoa ("HWL" or the "Group") traces its history back to the 19th century. Over the years, the company has grown globally with businesses in over 50 countries. Around the world, 280,000 hard-working employees deliver quality products and services to customers while making substantial contributions to the community. In 2014, HWL's companies garnered hundreds of industry awards and recognitions including those for business practices, environmental achievements and employment practices. To see the list of awards our companies have won over the past year, please visit our website: www.hutchison-whampoa.com.

Over the past several years, HWL's Environmental, Social and Governance ("ESG") Committee, chaired by an executive director with representatives from key departments of the Group including Human Resources, Corporate Affairs, Information Services, Management Services and Legal, has helped the Group reduce waste and encourage more efficient use of energy as well as enhance corporate governance. Over the past year, the Group has also conducted workshops to strengthen data privacy guidelines among the businesses.

For the ESG section in the 2014 HWL Annual Report, please click here.